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Vick: "Everyday Is a Work in Progress"

Eagles QB arrives at training camp, talks about shooting



    The Philadelphia Eagles most talked about quarterback Michael Vick reflects on his training camp appearance. (Published Monday, July 26, 2010)

    Monday was a day of firsts for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick at Lehigh University on the first day of Birds' training camp.

    The Birds’ backup QB arrived at an NFL training camp for the first time in three years and faced the press for the first time since a co-defendant in his dogfighting conviction case was shot shortly following Vick’s birthday party last month in Virginia Beach, Va.

    “Two or three weeks ago I was curious if I’d be going to training camp,” he said.

    “I gotta walk a fine line,” Vick -- who only signed with the Eagles after training camp last season -- said.

    The shooting incident could have possibly crossed that fine line and cost Vick -- who served nearly two years in federal custody for his role in a dogfighting ring -- his second shot at the NFL. But after conversations with Eagles head coach Andy Reid, his NFL mentor Tony Dungy and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell it seems that Vick is here to stay for his second season with the Birds.

    Vick seems to have answered any of the commish’s questions. There is no change in his playing status, a league spokesman told the AP.

    With Vick at camp and there being no eminent signs of NFL action it seems he may have steered clear of another NFL suspension like the one he served to start last season.

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    But that doesn’t mean Vick feels good about what happened.

    “I was devastated,” Vick said about the shooting.

    “It was a situation that should have never happened,” the QB added.

    Vick said that he didn’t know who shot Quanis Phillips in the early hours of June 25 shortly after Vick held a birthday party open to the public that was advertised on Facebook.

    Vick still believes he is an elite player in the NFL but realizes that he needs to be careful to stay in the league, he said.

    “I’m scared about a lot of things. Most of all because I should have never put myself in that position.”

    Vick said that he is allowed to leave Pennsylvania but only with the permission of his probation officer.

    The 30-year-old signal caller sounded hopeful for the future.

    “Everyday is a work in progress,” he said.