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Merriman: "So Dangerous I Scare Myself"



    Merriman: "So Dangerous I Scare Myself"
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    The linebacker talks with Playboy in an interview done before his recent arrest.

    Playboy Magazine’s October edition features Chargerslinebacker Shawne Merriman as the subject of its “2Q.”

    Editors refer to Merriman as the “meanest SOB" who "is rebuilt, recharged and ready to hit anything that moves.”

    He references that in answers to Q3, Q4, Q5 and here in Q20: “I’m going after anyone in a different-colored helmet. Period. If you’re wearing a different-colored helmet than me, you’re in trouble.”

    Merriman talks about judging the Miss USA pageant, losing everything to fire twice in his life and the night he had to take the whole team out for dinner and racked up a $32,000 bill.

    But what may be most telling is when he’s asked “How dangerous is the rebuilt Shawne Merriman?” (a question obviously concerning Merriman the football player, not Merriman the boyfriend accused of choking his MTV reality show personality girlfriend after a night of partying.)

    The NFL star answers “I’m so dangerous right now I scare myself.”

    You can read the full article in Playboy.