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Phony ESPN Page Fuels McNabb Trade Rumors

Fake page says McNabb's been traded to San Francisco, but it's not true



    Phony ESPN Page Fuels McNabb Trade Rumors
    This phony website, made to look like an ESPN article is spreading rumors that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb had been traded to San Francisco Wednesday. But it's just not true.

    A fake website is adding to the ever intensifying Donovan McNabb trade rumor mill.

    Designed to look like an ESPN news article, the page says that the Eagles quarterback was traded to the San Francisco 49ers Wednesday.

    The only problem is that it's dead wrong -- for now, at least.

    While the page's designers did a good job at pulling in ESPN's graphics, their article write-through was so poorly executed, that you'd be a fool to believe it.

    Here are a few gems:

    • Donavon Mcnabb Traded to San Fransisco
      No. 5's name is spelled Donovan McNabb with no A and a capital N. Also, they apparently failed geography class because they misspelled San Francisco.
    • Espn's Senior writer Michael Smith
      They forgot to capitalize the network's name, ESPN.

    And let's just point out some spelling and grammar issues:

    • Espn's Senior writer Michael Smith broke the story and it has been confirmed by the NFL, Donavon Mcnabb is a 49er.Details have not been confirmed on what Philadelphia is getting in return but it is believed to be one of San Frans 1rst round draft picks but that has not been confirmed from our sources.

    The comment section also doesn't show up on the site and when you click to comment it takes you to an article about Vick.

    And the biggest red flag -- the URL: It's not even being hosted by ESPN, but rather a free web hosting service called Webs. The page has since been taken down.

    So this one's debunked, but if you're hoping to see McNabb gone, don't fret. Seattle may have already staked their claim.