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Phils Go Cheap with World Series Ring

Our heroic boys of summer may have been robbed.



    Phils Go Cheap with World Series Ring
    The ring features a ruby inlay below the diamond-encrusted Phillies P.

    The Philadelphia Daily News polled local jewelers to find out what the Phillies World Series ring may be worth. The estimates for the diamond-encrusted hand trophy ranged from $3,000 to $15,000, with an average estimate of about $7,900.

    We’re hoping the estimates of Julianne Chear of R.N. Diamonds, who thinks the ring is probably worth between $10,000 and $13,000, and one jeweler who didn't want to be identified, who estimated each ring's worth at $15,000, are closer to the truth.

    Why? Because if the Phillies ring is only worth $7,900, we think our heroic boys of summer may have been cheated of a more worthy trophy. They did win the second world championship in Phils history, after all.

    According to an article in the Village Voice, blasting former New York CityMayor Rudolph Guiliani for accepting four World Series rings from the Yankees, the four rings are collectively worth at least $200,000. This makes a Yankee World Series ring worth at least $50,000.

    According to the Boston Globe, the Marlins’ 2004 World Series ring with 242 gemstones is valued at $46,000. And while the jewelry maker for the Boston Red Sox World Series ring would not reveal its value, he told the Globe:

    "The Patriots' ring we did for them, the face value came out at $20,500 without a name going on it,” Al Nuness, vice president of sports sales for Jostens Inc. “I can imagine the Red Sox ring, because it's the Red Sox, will be appraised pretty high."

    We know that the Yankees and the Red Sox have a bigger budget. Maybe we shouldn’t be nitpicking. Maybe we should just be happy for our championship win and looking forward to the next. Or maybe we should shed our underdog mentality. We're "world f@%#ing champions," for cryin' out loud!

    We're not saying it's not a nice ring. We just think our Phils should get the best.