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Phillies Phan Phuture Predictions



    Phillies Phan Phuture Predictions
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    Philadelphia Phillies fans hold up a banner as they celebrate after winning Game Five of the National League Championship Series 5-1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    While the Delaware Valley is indeed phired up for the Phils, we are not yet seeing the phandemonium that will no doubt rev up once the Phils a) find out who their opponent is and b) get closer to playing Game 1 next Wednesday.

    I promise you will soon see more stories about phans prepping for their trip to the World Series.  And I promise you will hear plenty on the "should we put a jersey on William Penn?" debate. I also promise you will see many more bakeries with Phillies cakes, phunny Phillies t-shirts, and bets between Mayor Nutter and the Mayor of either Tampa or Boston.

    If it's Boston, there will be pros/cons lists debating the merits of the cheese steak vs. the clam chowder. If it's Tampa, it'll be the cheese steak vs. whatever Tampa is known for, which as far as I can tell, is just lame fans who don't come out to see their team until they make the playoffs.

    I will offer this piece of advice: Enjoy this. Enjoy every split second of this you can.

    When I sat with my girlfriend in an American University dorm lounge in 1993, I got weepy when I saw that ball fly off Joe Carter's bat. It ruined my fall, but on some level, I believed the Phils would be back in the World Series the next year. Well, we know how that turned out right?

    I'm now married to the girl I mentioned above, and now, 15 years and two kids later, I know World Series appearances don't come often. I just hope this is the year; it isn't just an appearance. It is time for a parade, and yes, my kids WILL NOT be in school that day.

    This is our year folks, so rest up from last night's game, go buy some new Phillies gear, keep an eye on the Rays/Red Sox series, and just enjoy this.

    God help us, it could be another 15 years before we do this again.