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Phillies Fans Lash Back at 'Angry' L.A. Columnist

Some fans call for T.J. Simer to eat his words



    Phillies Fans Lash Back at 'Angry' L.A. Columnist
    Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images
    Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies cheer during Game One of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    The Phillies are the National League champs and in "Angryville" things are now a whole lot nicer.

    "Angryville," where is that?

    It's right here in the City of Brotherly Love according to "LA Times" columnist T.J. Simer's pre-NLCS commentary on Philadelphia fans.

    Simer not only insulted the entire Philadelphia fan base by calling us losers, but he also said the Dodgers would win in six or seven games in front of the disgruntled Phillies faithful.

    "...this series will probably come back [to Philly] for Games 6 and 7, and nothing more disappointing than getting that close to a World Series only to trudge out of the stadium wondering what went wrong."

    What went wrong for Simer is that his premonition of the road team winning the series came true and instead the Phillies have won leaving the Dodgers faithful feeling blue.

    Now some fans are expressing their anger towards Simer via email -- some bloggers are even telling Simer to eat his own words.

    It's easy to let Simer know how you feel about being called an "obstinate pug" in his article because his email address is posted right at the bottom of the article.

    Stay Tuned! We will keep you posted if he sends us any answers.