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Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII

Philadelphia Eagles 41, New England Patriots 33

Losing Zoo CEOs to Clean Animal Enclosures in Super Bowl Bet

The Philadelphia Zoo, Elmwood Park Zoo and Lehigh Valley Zoo are backing the Eagles in wager against 3 New England zoos that potentially puts zoo leaders into a dirty situation.



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    A trio of zoo CEOs will be dressed up in the opposing team’s colors while cleaning an animal exhibit as part of a six-way Super Bowl bet between Philadelphia-area zoos and New England zoos. And, two of the zoos also put goat naming rights on the line.

    The friendly wager pits the CEOs of the Philadelphia Zoo, Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown and Lehigh Valley Zoo zoo in Schnecksville (rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles) against the CEOs of Boston's Zoo New England, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, Rhode Island's Roger Williams Park Zoo (rooting for the New England Patriots).

    "What’s at stake? A little house cleaning for the losing zoos’ CEOs, who will have to dress in the winning team’s jersey and clean an animal exhibit," according to a news release announcing the bet.

    The wager between the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited zoos also includes a charitable element.

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    If (when) the Eagles win, the Philly-area zoos will receive S1,000 donations from the New England zoos "that will go directly to programs revolving around conservation and education," according to the news release.

    "This team is the definition of hard work, determination and perseverance, all attributes needed to bring Philadelphia its first Super Bowl win," Philly zoo president & CEO Vikram Dewan said of the Eagles. "We look forward to cheering them to victory."

    The Philly zoo would put the money toward its CREW program for young mentoring and engagement. The Elmwood Park Zoo would use the money for it conservation efforts. And, the Lehigh Valley Zoo would put the money toward educating thousands of children.

    "This wager also shines a light on AZA institutions and their focus on conservation and education as well as providing exceptional animal care, memorable guest experiences and efforts to save wildlife," Dewan said.

    The betting didn't end there as the Philadelphia Zoo and Zoo New England put goats on the line. 

    If the Eagles win, the Boston zoo will name its next born goat "Foles." If the Pats win, "Brady" the goat will be part of the Philadelphia Zoo.

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