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Blanton's Success a Family Affair



    Blanton's Success a Family Affair
    Rosie Rahn
    LeeAndrea and Joe Blanton with daughter Adalia, four-months old.

    Joe Blanton goes up against CC Sabathia in Game 4 of the World Series. We wanted to know how Blanton gets mentally and physically prepared for big games, so we went to his number one source and supporter, wife LeeAndra.

    Does your husband have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
    He always says a pregame prayer! He always shaves the morning of a start! And he always calls me right before he goes out so that I can wish him luck! :)
    What is Joe's pre-game meal?
    It used to be a subway sandwich, but that ritual has kind of died out... We always make sure to keep it light the day of a game.
    What do you do to help your husband prepare for a game?
    I always try to make sure that he gets good sleep, which has become a little more challenging with the arrival of our daughter (four-month-old Adalia). Other than that, we try to keep things pretty mellow by going about our day as if it were any other day!
    How do your bedroom habits change before a big game?
    Pre-baby ... No comment (wink, wink)
    Post-baby ... Just make sure he gets good sleep! :)
    How has life changed since the Phillies World Series win last year?
    For one, it’s a little easier to get dinner reservations! And everyday outings, like trips to the grocery store, have become a little more interesting with fans coming up and wishing Joe good luck!
    Tell us one thing about yourself that most Phils fans don't know.
    I played softball for 10 years and was a pretty darn good catcher! Despite that fact, Joe still won't let me catch him! We'll toss to each other during the winter, but no matter how much I plead, no fastballs, sliders, or curves allowed! :(