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Looking Back on J-Roll's "Hammer Time"



    Looking Back on J-Roll's "Hammer Time"
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    Before he was a Phillie J-Roll was a music video extra.

    Who knew Jimmy Rollins could act?

    The Phillies' star shortstop appeared in music videos for MC Hammer and Mavis Staples in the late 80's and early 90's, according to a Sports Illustrated article.

    "MC Hammer is from Oakland, and when I was about 13, he had an open casting call. My brother and I were picked to be in one of his videos. We were in a graveyard scene. But there was no dancing involved. You don't want to dance next to Hammer. Then my sophomore year in high school I was in a Mavis Staples video called 'The Voice.' I played a little thug on the street corner selling drugs. Then I shot somebody and jumped a fence. It was fun. I wouldn't say I'm retired, just that my acting career is temporarily suspended," Rollins said to SI.

    Rollins also makes note of his 15-minutes of music video fame on his Official Web site.

    He appears to show up around 3:35 in the Hammer video for "Addams Family Groove," and at 1:05 in Mavis Staples' video. Can you find him?

    MC Hammer's "Addams Family Groove"


    Mavis Staples' "The Voice"


    As if MC Hammer and his back-up dancers' outfits aren't hilarious enough, check out the lyrics for another good laugh. 


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