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It's in the Odds -- Wildcats Are a Dog



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    Will D. Cat and the rest of the Villanova Wildcats will be underdogs on Thursday night.

    We don't condone sports betting here at NBCPhiladelphia but that doesn't mean we can't examine the upcoming NCAA Tournament odds.

    Jay Wright's Villanova Wildcats enter Thursday night's game against Coach K's Duke Blue Devils as underdogs, barely.

    The Cats are two point or more dogs to the Dukies depending where you look.

    As a No. 3 seed, the Cats should be dogs against the Devils -- it just makes sense. But, bettors seem more confident in two other No. 3 seeds ahead of Nova.

    Nova Fans Send Off the Wildcats

    [PHI] Nova Fans Send Off the Wildcats
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    Both Syracuse (against Oklahoma) and Kansas (versus Michigan State) have betting lines under two.

    The only No. 3 seed that is a longer shot to advance in March Madness than Nova is Missouri who must take on a high-scoring Memphis team.

    Why aren't the Wildcats getting more love?

    The better question for fans isn't about betting lines but about who will win.

    Nova has something that Dick Vitale's Dukies (oh wait, is "Dukie V" not a paid employee of Duke? Could have fooled me) don't bring to the table -- experience.

    The Wildcats are very experienced -- Duke isn't.

    Villanova Players Playing for the Seniors

    [PHI] Villanova Players Playing for the Seniors
    Nova's Dwayne Anderson, Dante Cunningham, Reggie Redding and coach Jay Wright talk about the big win over UCLA.
    (Published Saturday, March 21, 2009)

    The Cats field four seniors (only three who play -- sorry Frank Tchuisi) while Duke only fields three seniors (only two that actually play -- sorry Jordan Davidson).

    The difference of one senior normally doesn't amount to much, but with the current Nova team it does because the current seniors hold a school record of 100 wins that they've earned by contributing to the team.

    The senior Cats make huge contributions. Dante Cunningham, Dwayne Anderson and Shane Clark all put up numbers every game.

    Duke's Greg Paulus and Greg McClure both average less than four points a game. Nova's trio averages more than 30 a game between them.

    In the tournament diaper dandies wet their pants (sorry Dukie V) while seniors win the big one most of the time.

    Don't necessarily bet on it -- but Nova to upset Duke could be a good bet.

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