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Gritty Has a Security Team and He Keeps Them Very Busy

The Flyers' lively, orange mascot was chased down by a mysterious trio of Men in Black during the 2019 Stadium Series, but these guards have been serving Gritty since before the Flyers v. Penguins game.



    Gritty Has a Security Team and He Keeps Them Very Busy
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    Gritty streaks across the field during the 2019 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series game at the Lincoln Financial Field -- trailed by his Men in Black.

    You may have noticed a trio of men in black suits chasing Gritty as he streaked across the Linc during the Stadium Series on Saturday.

    And leave it to Gritty to get ejected from his own team’s game.

    You may not know that the security guards in black have been working for Gritty since before the Stadium Series.

    Gritty’s "Men in Black" Guards (just like their famous mascot ruler) have their own Instagram account.

    All the Flyers would say about the ellusive guards is that their account is sanctioned and it is the official Instagram of Gritty's "Men in Black."

    “To protect and serve the Thing in Orange,” is their motto.

    Dressed in black suits and sunglasses, Gritty’s MIB are "always there to serve their orange overlord."

    The mystery men remain professional, only referring to Gritty as “the package.”

    Whether it be dragging Gritty along the ice on the back of a Flyers' cart...

    Or helping the mascot after he suspended himself and flew over the Linc to make a grand entrance to the Stadium Series...

    Gritty’s MIB remain loyal, and they never miss an opportunity to hype the orange fuzz ball. Although it took them a bit to warm up, they were seen dancing in the stands with the mascot.

    You can find an Instagram story dedicated to Gritty’s Guards called “MIB” on the mascot's account.

    We wonder what else the Flyers have up their sleeve when it comes to Gritty and his team.