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Girl Hit by Hockey Puck Gives Flyers a 2nd Chance



    Isabella Kowalski's first trip to a Flyers game ended with a game-stopping hit to the head. So what do you think she wanted to do for her next birthday? (Published Monday, Dec. 20, 2010)

    After getting drilled in the head by a hockey puck at her very first Flyers game, seven-year-old Isabella Kowalksi came back for seconds.

    "I like hockey and I want to go to another game, but I want to sit a little bit farther [away]," Isabella said after taking that hit to the head last month.

    Monday, she enjoyed her love of hockey with her dad, but from a distance in some very nice box seats, thanks to the team.

    "When one of our fans gets injured or is not well we always take an interest in them. And it was important to us that young Isabella got to come back and experience a Flyers game better than the last time," said Comcast-Spectacor spokesman, Ike Richman.

    Girl Struck by a Puck But Still a Fan

    [PHI] Girl Struck by a Puck But Still a Fan
    7-year-old Isabella Kowalski and her father Todd were in the stands at the Wells Fargo Center when a puck came flying off the ice and hit her in the head. Thankfully, Isabella is OK.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010)

    The Bucks County girl was injured when sitting in the fourth row with her dad, Todd, on November 15. She took a puck to the head and left the game with her left eye black, blue and swollen.

    "Everything happened so quick -- there's no reaction time -- you couldn't see it. Just hear the worst sound of your life. The tone of her voice when she called, 'Poppy.' And I looked over and saw the hole in her head," Todd said after the accident.

    But it might have been one of those moments that's more traumatic for the parents than the child. Isabella picked a special occasion for her next trip to the rink.

    "I wanted to come for my birthday," Isabella said.

    "She wanted to go, and I don't want her being scared of hockey for the rest of her life.  I know it was a fluke thing that never happens, just about. So I wanted to give her a happy birthday and bring her back to the game," dad said.