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Game 5: "Hollywood" Vs. the "Kazmanian Devil"

Phils' Cole Hamels to face off with Rays' Scott Kazmir



    Game 5: "Hollywood" Vs. the "Kazmanian Devil"
    Cole Hamels vs. Scott Kazmir in Game 5

    "Hollywood" Vs. the "Kazmanian Devil" sounds like an epic wrestling match-up you would watch on pay-per-view, but instead it's a battle of young, left-handed pitchers dueling for World Series glory.

    "Hollywood" the nickname given to the Phillies' ace Cole Hamels.

    The "Kazmanian Devil" a nickname placed on Rays' ace Scott Kazmir.

    The battleground for these two titans is Game 5 of the World Series with the entire hopes of all of Philadelphia hanging on the left arm of Hamels and hoping that the "Kazmanian Devil" has no gas left in his tank.

    These two guys have a lot in common, starting with the fact that women think they're "hotties." Sex appeal never hurts a good storyline.

    They share some things on and off the field:

    • They have striking good looks that drive some fans wild
    • They are both just 24 years old
    • Both are tall and skinny
    • Each has made an All Star team

    But they also have some differences especially away from the diamond:

    The biggest difference between Hamels and Kazmir appears to be that Hamels will be pitching for the World Series win while Kazmir is just pitching to stay alive -- advantage "Hollywood."