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McNabb Will Try to Play, Kolb's Getting Ready

Donovan McNabb's sore, but doing all he can to play this weekend



    McNabb Will Try to Play, Kolb's Getting Ready
    Eagles quarterback Donovan Mcnabb after the hit that cracked a rib during the team's season opener against Charlotte on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009.

    Donovan McNabb's nursing his cracked rib and doing everything he can to play in this week's home opener, but Kevin Kolb starts working out in the lead position Wednesday.

    "He's [McNabb] gonna try to do everything he possibly can to play this week and we'll just see how it goes," Coach Andy Reid said during Monday's press conference.

    Reid said he talked to McNabb quite a bit on the way home from Sunday's game, but hadn't talked to him again Monday.

    "He is sore," Reid said. "I'm not gonna put him out there, obviously, if he can't function. We'll take it day by day and see how it goes."

    If McNabb -- who cracked that rib during a touchdown run against the Carolina Panthers -- is not ready for game two Sunday against New Orleans, Reid said Kevin Kolb will start.

    "I think we're all confident in Kevin, coaches and players. Given the opportunity, I think he can do a nice job."

    Reid did say the team may talk to A.J. Feeley again, who was released right before the season started.

    "We have a lot of respect for A.J.," Reid said.

    Michael Vick, the third string quarterback, is not eligible to play until week three because of his dogfighting conviction.

    Reid said McNabb's a "very tough guy" who always wants to play, but that's not always the smart way to go.

    "I'm not gonna put him out there in a position where he's gonna be injured further, or can't get out of the way, or can't function the way he needs to function at this level," Reid said. "Sometimes you gotta pull back."

    Doctors are getting a second look at McNabb's injury Monday. Initial reports were that he might be out two to four weeks.