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Daily News Writers Don't Drink the Kool-Aid



    Daily News Writers Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
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    Donovan McNabb and the Eagles aren't going to come away winners according to the Daily News writers.

    The Eagles are going to lose to the Giants -- just ask the guys over at the Daily News.

    Wait, aren't these guys supposed to be homers that root, root, root on the home team?

    By a margin of 7-1 the Daily News sports pundits put fandom on the back burner and common sports sense up front. They see the Eagles bowing out at the Meadowlands.

    You can't blame the picks. The Eagles are a four-point underdog and face an uphill battle against the G-men.

    The DN writers all seem to be in agreement that this will be a close battle and that the Eagles won't go without a fight. But, it's difficult to beat a well-rested and healthy Giants team that was the best team in the regular season and nearly untouchable in the Meadowlands (only losing to the Eagles).

    The only guy that is drowning in Eagles green Kool-Aid is John Smallwood who said that a couple of plays will make the difference as the Eagles fly to a 17-13 victory.

    Let's hope that the fan in the DN writers is satisfied while the sports journalist is failed.

    How about this Eagles win 21-16 that is this writer's pick.