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Comcast Apologizes for Cable Catastrophe

Some local fans miss back-to-back homeruns



    Comcast Apologizes for Cable Catastrophe
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    Some fans missed out on the Phillies power surge when cable went out at the absolutely worst time.

    Comcast had two words for angry customers:  We're Sorry.

    The cable company has apologized for the outage that caused all the outrage during Game 3 of the World Series Saturday night.

    Some Phillies fans in the metro area missed back-to-back home runs by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard because their cable went out.

    Comcast customers reported the loss of picture and sound, and the cable company blamed the outage in the Philadelphia area, parts of central Pennsylvania and South Jersey on an equipment failure.

    How about a refund?  Comcast says it will review each complaint on a case-by-case basis and on Monday, they weren't sure how many customers were actually affected.

    The failure affected most standard definition channels, including the World Series on Fox.  Comcast said it was an "isolated incident" from equipment failure.  The company said it put safeguards in place so customers would not have to worry about missing the best moments of any other game.

    The outage started just before Utley and Howard pushed the Phillies lead to 4-1 with consecutive homers in the sixth inning of the rain-delayed game.

    "We sincerely apologize to our customers," Beth Bacha, Vice President of Communications for Comcast Cable East Division.  "We realize how many of them were watching the Phillies game."  Bacha said the outage was detected almost immediately and it took 15 to 25 minutes to get the channels fully restored.