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Babymama Sues Sixer

Andre Iguodala's lady friend needs a little cash



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    It looks like Andre Iguodala's doing everything right, so why's his baby mama suing after only a month and a half of motherhood?

    A Clementon, N.J., woman is suing 76ers star Andre Iguodala for child support.

    Clayanna Warthen, a former rap video “star” is seeking $12,000 to $15,000 for their daughter, London, who was born on May 7.

    That’s right, May 7, 2009 -- the kid’s a month and a half old.

    Did she even give Iggy a chance to pay?
    Apparently not, because according to his lawyer Charles Meyer, they’ve “made all reasonable efforts…In spite of those efforts, the demands that were made were beyond what is reasonable.”

    Uh, ya think?

    The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in Camden, claims that baby mama, 23, has no income and had to get medical coverage through the state of New Jersey. The baby, however, is covered by an NBA medical insurance policy through her father, said Meyer.