99-Year-Old Golfer Credits Long Life to the Game

When Dan Rendine gives you advice on golf or life, you should listen.

The 99-year-old retired lawyer from South Philly will be 100 next month, and we all stand to learn a thing or two about living a long, happy life from this avid golfer.

A member of the Bala Golf Club, Rendine plays nine holes three times a week. He’s gotten five career holes in one, three of them when he was 77 years old.

"Mix it up between life and golf and you'll have a hell of a time," says Rendine.

While he can't hit it as far as he used to, Rendine claims to be as good a putter as any of the pros on TV. Rendine is a social golfer who is generous with advice and thinks Tiger's the best ever--and Rendine is old enough to remember Bobby Jones.

Rendine credits his long, happy life partly to his regular golfing.

“I think golf is one of the reasons, no doubt about it,” says Rendine.

He also advices that everyone should take advantage of all things life has to offer.

“Everything in moderation,” says Rendine. “Don’t be afraid to take a drink.”

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