1st-year Eagles Have Made Insane Playoff Impact

Eagles 38, Vikings 7

Even days later, it's an orgasm for your eyes just to look at that score and know the significance. But when you dig a little deeper and look at how those 38 points came about, each and every one came directly or indirectly from a player who was not an Eagle in 2016.

Robinson/Long, 7-7 Tie
Let's start with the play that turned the game. Eagles trailing 7-0, first quarter, Patrick Robinson, offseason free-agent signee intercepts Case Keenum and takes it back 50 yards for a touchdown. 

One of the reasons Keenum underthrew the ball so badly and allowed the Robinson pick? Chris Long got pressure and made enough contact with him to alter the throw. Long, too, was signed as a free agent prior to the season.

Blount, 14-7 Eagles
Early second, game knotted at seven. Eagles' 12th play of a 75-yard drive is capped off by a statement, 11-yard TD run by LeGarrette Blount. In the process, he trucked Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo. 

The play personified that the Eagles were going to be the more physical team that evening. Blount, like Long, was a New England Patriot last season.

Long/Jeffery, 21-7 Eagles 
Late second quarter, same score, Vikings driving at the Eagles' 16-yard line. Rookie Derek Barnett strip-sacks Keenum, Long recovers. Barnett, the Birds' 2017 first-round pick, comes up big and free-agent Long gets the ball back.  

Seven plays later, Nick Foles makes an incredible play to stay alive in the pocket and throws a strike to Alshon Jeffery, 53 yards for the touchdown. Both Foles and Jeffery were free-agent signings. Jeffery was the splashiest of signings and Foles was an insurance policy.

Jake Elliott, 24-7 Eagles
Last play of the half, rookie kicker Jake Elliott buries a 38-yard field goal as time expires to give the Birds a 24-7 lead heading into the locker room. Elliott was scooped from the Bengals' practice squad after Caleb Sturgis went down. In-season move. Another new face.

Torrey Smith flea-flicker, 31-7 Eagles
Third quarter, Eagles put the dagger in the hearts of the Vikings with a 41-yard touchdown pass from Foles to Torrey Smith off of a flea-flicker. Smith was a 49er in 2016. 

The man who was the flea part of the flicker? Undrafted rookie free agent Corey Clement. He played at Wisconsin last year.

Jeffery/Foles part deux, 38-7 Eagles
Early fourth, still 31-7 Eagles. Foles closes a 12-play drive with a great 5-yard throw and catch in the end zone to Jeffery. The pair's second scoring strike of the night.

Look no further than this scoring summary as to why Howie Roseman is the runaway winner of NFL Executive of the Year. The moves he made in the offseason and during the 2017 campaign were not just depth acquisitions, they were major-impact season-changers. 

The result of them all? 38-7.

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