10/23 – This Date in Phillies Infamy

October 23 has not been a kind date to the Phightin Phils

Sorry to rain on Phillies fans parade (we hope -- fingers crossed) but don't expect too much in World Series Game 2 because the Phils and October 23 don't add up to a good mix.

Halloween might be a week away but 10/23 is a date of bad omens for the Phils.

10/23/1993 - Joe Carter sends the Sky Dome into a frenzy, Phillies fans into heartbreak and Mitch Williams back to Texas with one mighty swing of his bat.

WARNING: Only click here if your 15 years of painful memories have healed enough to actually watch the heartbreaking moment.

10/23/1975 - light-hitting Kaz Matsui is born. About 32 years later he lays the smackdown on the Phillies by hitting a grand slam for the Colorado Rockies on their way to an NLDS sweep.

Jim Bunning was also born on October 23. Bunning is a Hall of Fame pitcher but sure didn't look that way when he lost two crucial games down the stretch for the collapsing 1964 Phils.

There is also a rumor that William Penn was born on 10/23/1644, but this isn't really right. Penn was born on 10/14/1644, but his birthday is celebrated on October 24 each year because of the switch to the Gregorian Calendar but even that could be left up to some argument.

In any case, Phils fans who believe in the Curse of Billy Penn better hope that Game 2 doesn't go past midnight.

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