State of the Union Bingo Comes to Philly

The National Constitution Center is bringing back a traditional game with a twist, combining the politics of the State of the Union speech with a good old-fashioned game of Bingo. 

The Constitution Center will be hosting a free State of the Union viewing party on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. with a special treat for those who attend.

Everyone in the house will get a Bingo card.

So what exactly is State of the Union Bingo?

State of the Union Bingo cards contain key words pertaining to current events, phrases the President might say, and actions he or others might make including "civility," "healthcare," "economy" and "standing ovation."

If you spell Bingo first (or fill out the card depending on the rules) you could win a year-long membership to the National Constitution Center.

Besides Bingo, additional activities include Constitutional Quizzo as well as an interactive program about the history of the State of the Union speech.

And not only can you get politically aware to President Barack Obama's annual speech Tuesday night but since the entire NCC museum is also open you can get in touch with our constitution and political history.

Can’t make it to the viewing party? Bingo cards can be downloaded so you can play along at home.

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