Rep. Runyan Beats Adler

GOP's Runyan hangs onto seat in NJ's 3rd District

Republican U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan has held onto his seat in Congress by defeating the widow of the congressman he unseated two years ago.

"It is truly, truly an honor that you have all re-elected me to represent you in Congress again," said Runyan during his victory speech, as he talked about getting back to work post-election.

"It's now time to have the adult conversations with the American people about the serious problems we face on both sides of the aisle and how we're going to fix it and how we're going to work together."

The former Eagles lineman beat Democrat Shelley Adler in New Jersey's 3rd District, the most closely watched of the state's 12 congressional races decided Tuesday.

"This is not an easy race for so many reasons. Many were obvious including the political redistricting that took my home, Cherry Hill, out of the district that it had been in for so many, many decades. It was also an extraordinarily emotional, trying experience for me," said Adler as she thanked her supporters.

Runyan, the 38-year-old first-term Republican was first elected in 2010 by defeating first-term U.S. Rep. John Adler, a Democrat.

Adler died last year at 51 from an infection of the tissue around his heart.

Shelley Adler is a former Cherry Hill Township councilwoman and a Harvard-educated lawyer.

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