Cop's Obama Background Search “Really, Really Dumb”

The Philly cop will be disciplined

When you do a background search on the President, it's gonna raise a red flag with the Secret Service. Duh!

A Philly cop should know better, right? Turns out an officer in the 18th district got a little bored on the job this week (because there's never enough crime to solve on the streets of Philadelphia) and decided to use his police car's computer to do an official background search on President Barack Obama.

The police department's data base is connected to a national data base. The search sent an alert of sorts to the Secret Service which then sent people over to the 18th District to investigate.

"This is beyond dumb. This is really, really dumb and he will be disciplined," police spokesman Sgt. Ray Evers told KYW radio.

Sources told NBCPhiladelphia the officer (a man if that makes a difference) didn't commit a federal crime but a search like that does violate department policy.

The officer's name hasn't been released and he's still on the job.

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