Obama Flips One to McCain

The night before Election Day, Democratic candidate Barack Obama had one more itch to scratch with Republican candidate John McCain.  So, he flipped him the bird.  

Ok.  He didn't really flip him off.  The YouTube video entitled "Obama Flips Off McCain" clearly shows Obama scratch his face with his middle finger. 

But, was this a subliminal message?  Well, Obama's middle finger scratching has gotten attention before. 

During the presidential primaries, Obama was caught on tape again scratching his face with his middle finger.  But this time, he was talking about Hillary Clinton at the time.  After his scratch, it  appeared Obama gave a mischievous smile while the crowd went wild.

Some people believe he purposely  makes underlying, offensive gestures.  Others think it is totally blown out of proportion to only grab attention and make headlines on newsstands.  Maybe it's just a ploy to get a ton of YouTube hits.  Titling a YouTube video "Obama flips Off McCain" will certainly get over one million hits! 

Regardless, Obama must be doing something right for everyone to take notice of his every move and scratch.

Watch the videos for yourself and tell us what you think.

Obama "flipping off" McCain:

 Obama and Hillary Clinton:

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