Nutter to Christen Bike Lanes

City to add two new bike lanes to Center City Wednesday

Bright and early Wednesday morning Mayor Nutter will cut a green ribbon and officially open the cross-town bike lanes on Spruce Street and Pine Street in Center City.

After cutting the ribbon, he will use the Pine Street lane to bike to work in City Hall -- you don't want to miss this one.

Cars will be banned from the left side of Pine Street and the right side of Spruce Street which will be used exclusively for bikers.

What will this mean for traffic in Center City? Hopefully, more bike lanes will help lessen congestion and make walking in the area much more pleasant -- not to mention the eco-friendly benefit.

However, drivers are worried gridlock will result as the busy streets are cut to one lane for vehicular traffic. Officials say cooperation will be key to alleviating potential traffic troubles.

So be sure to keep your road rage in check and if you can't handle the pressure, maybe you should dig out your old Huffy and peddle your way to work.

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