New Hampshire Primary

NBC10 in New Hampshire: Biden Came, He Smiled, He Shook Hands (Repeat)

A candidate's journey through the crowds ahead of the nation's first primary of 2020

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In Gilford, New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden worked the room in the basement of the church until it was almost empty.

Biden spent more than 30 minutes talking to individual voters along a rope line after remarks on the day before the New Hampshire primary.

Biden shook hands, greeted a baby, leaned in to talk to an older voter and took advice and encouragement from those who came to see him.

Democratic presidential candidates are making their last minute pushes for the New Hampshire Primary. NBC10's Lauren Mayk has the details.

“Joe, keep up the good fight - we need you,” one man said, getting a smile from Biden.

Another man leaned in to say softly, “I want to thank you for all you’ve done.”

One offered advice saying, “Keep talking about the economy, that resonates.”

Biden comes into New Hampshire after a disappointing performance in Iowa, with two polls showing him surpassed by Senator Amy Klobuchar. He has acknowledged he also may take a “hit” in New Hampshire, and points to the more diverse state of South Carolina later this month as part of a four-state opening to the 2020 race.

NBC10 was along the rope line in the small basement to ask Biden questions about the race. When we got close enough to tell him we were from Philadelphia and ask how this campaign feels, he answered with: “It feels good.”

Then, he told us he’d be back (though he did not return), and headed off to talk to the voters waiting to speak with him.

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