Delaware Pushes Primary to July 7, Will Mail Absentee Ballot Applications to All Residents

All registered Democrats and Republicans will get absentee ballot applications without having to ask for them

Voting ballot by mail: Absentee voting by mail with candidates and measures
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Delaware's presidential primary is moving to July 7, Gov. John Carney's office announced Thursday.

In addition, the state will mail absentee ballot applications to all registered Democrats and Republicans in the State of Delaware.

“Delawareans have a basic, fundamental right to vote, and these changes will allow all Delaware voters to safely exercise that right,” Carney said in a statement.

People who are not registered with a party are not allowed to vote in Delaware's primary. Like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the primary is "closed" to non-affiliated voters.

If you want to learn how to vote by mail or absentee ballot in any of those three states, we have all deadlines and step by step instructions here.

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