Bethlehem Hates Obama

Bethlehem's Obama supporters are working to get an offensive YouTube video removed

Bethlehem is full of Obama haters. He is a "terrorist", a "Socialist swine."   You can't deny it, Bethlehem. It's all caught on tape.

Back in October, McCain supporters were waiting in line for a  McCain rally at Lehigh University.  Obama supporters stood across the street in protest.

The wait got heated. McCain supporters were yelling profanities, telling Obama supporters to "go to Russia" and yelling "Obama is the terrorist."

The video is circulating on YouTube and has over 500,000 views already. When you search "Bethlehem" on the Web site, the video is the first on the list.

But, not everyone in Bethlehem hates Barack Obama.  Bethlehem's Obama supporters are working to have the video removed, because they do not want their town represented in such a fashion.

You can watch the video below, but be warned, it contains strong, offensive language.

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