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Youth Vote is Focus of Pre-Convention Outreach

Volunteers register new student voters just returning to Philadelphia campuses



    Student activists at Temple University helped newcomers resister to vote on Thursday during move in day. NBC10's Rosemary Connors spoke to students and RNC Honorary Delegate Renee Amoore about the importance of the youth voting in the 2012 election. (Published Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012)

    Just days away from the Republican National Convention, the fight for the youth vote is heating up just as students are returning to Philadelphia area college campuses for the fall semester.

    Volunteers greeted incoming freshmen Thursday at Temple University. Seizing the opportunity to mobilize the youth vote, student activists helped newcomers register during move-in day on the Temple campus.

    “A lot of them, this is their first election, they’re coming into college, it’s their freshman year,” said volunteer Sonia Galiber.

    Finally 18 and eligible to participate, some students say they’ve been prioritizing the emerging issues in the Decision 2012 presidential race.

    For freshman Stephanie Weiner it’s “education, insurance policies and health.”

    “Jobs, jobs, jobs - the economy,” stressed Republican Party of Pennsylvania Deputy Chair Renee Amoore.

    Sure to be at the top of the Romney/Ryan agenda at the Republican convention, Amoore, a Montgomery County small business owner and honorary convention delegate, insists the message will be clear. She explains the hype that president Obama received last election has weakened.

    It was all new, African-American running to be a president that was a big deal -- lines all over the place trying to vote,” said Amoore. “I don't think people are as much as hyped on the Democratic side as they had been in the past.”

    Kevin Washo, Pennsylvania Democrats Executive Director, promises between now and November the Obama campaign will leave no stone unturned.

    "Our job is to make sure we get our voters out," said Washo.

    Back on campus at Temple, the pull for the political advantage is gearing up and all eyes will be on the conventions.

    "A lot of people are going and if they're not going they'll be watching,” said Galiber. “I know I'll be watching.”

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