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"Soda" Tax Apparently Goes Flat



    "Soda" Tax Apparently Goes Flat
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    It looks like Mayor Michael Nutter's proposed "soda" tax has gone flat.

    Council members told the Inquirer that there wasn't support for the mayor's 2 cents-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks -- a tax that would add about 24 cents to the price of a can of Coke.

    Instead, the council is set on raising property taxes for the first time in 20 years and eliminating hundreds of city jobs that have not been filled.

    Another item on the table -- a $300 residential trash-pickup fee -- also has been kicked to the curb because some say it would hurt lower-income residents.

    The mayor and council will continue to talk about ways to close a $130 million gap in the proposed $3.9 billion budget. They have until May 31.

    Nutter isn't the only politician going after sugary drinks. New York Gov. David Patersonhas proposed a penny-per-ounce tax, and he has the backing of New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, like Nutter, is proposing a 2 cents-per-ounce tax.