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Capitol's Cafeteria Fails Health Inspection

Gov. Rendell demands changes



    Capitol's Cafeteria Fails Health Inspection
    Pennsylvania State House in Harrisburg, Pa.

    The PennsylvaniaState Capitol has done it again. Failed another health inspection in less than a month, that is.

    A recent inspection of the capitol building's cafeteria found ample proof of a rodent infestation. Droppings were found in a cabinet and even inside a mixing bowl.

    They also found that some employees have a problem complying with the hand washing rules. A hairnet was found inside of the hand-washing sink, which makes you wonder what exactly are they washing in that sink if it isn’t their hands.

    Other red flags around the cafeteria were inadequate temperature control for food and food being stored on the floor in the kitchen.

    Gov. Ed Rendell blasted Philadelphia-based food service company Aramark – the cafeteria's operator – over the deplorable conditions.

    “Well, they’re considered to be the best food service provider in the world, and I think they’ve got to step it up big time now.  And I think they will,” Rendell told on Jan. 8.

    That inspection prompted an abrupt closure for the café, allowing it to clean up its act. But a surprise inspection Monday found that changes are still needed.

    Adding insult to injury, as the health department failed the cafeteria for a second time, an Aramark official was down the hall apologizing to a House panel for the embarrassment.

    In light of the second failure, Rendell gave the Philadelphia-based company 30 days to comply with the changes or lose the contract.