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Obama Settles Beer Bet With Yuengling

Prez sends case of Pa. beer to Canada

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    Obama Settles Beer Bet With Yuengling
    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper holds a case of Yuengling beer presented to him outside his home by U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson Friday. The beer was part of a wager the Prime Minster had with President Barack Obama on the outcome of the Olympic gold medal hockey game which Canada won.

    More was on the line than just North American bragging rights when Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal gave Canada a 3-2 win over the U.S. in the Olympic ice hockey finals.

    A case of beer was also up for grabs in a friendly wager between the country's leaders.

    President Barack Obama followed through on his hockey bet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper by sending case of Molson Canadian north of the border.

    Had the United States won, Obama requested a case of Pennsylvania-brewed Yuengling. The Pottsville, Pa. brewery is not only America's oldest beer maker but also the President’s brew of choice.

    For good measure Obama tossed in an extra case of his favorite beer to go along with Harper’s Molson.

    Obama’s top representative in Canada David Jacobson made the delivery Friday and congratulated Canada on the win.

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs also had to make good on his women’s ice hockey bet with Harper’s spokesman Dimitri Soudas by wearing Canada’s team colors during his daily briefing last week.

    The beer will not be not only be enjoyed by Harper but the whole country as the two cases will be donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Soudas told Bloomberg.com.