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Terror in Boston: Boston Marathon Explosions

Terror in Boston: Boston Marathon Explosions

Three Dead, Hundreds Injured After Explosions Near Marathon Finish

Nutter: Bombings are Assault on Our Freedom

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter issues statement on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Mayors



    Nutter: Bombings are Assault on Our Freedom
    Apr. 15, 2013: Mayor Michael Nutter outlines the heightened alert status that the city of Philadelphia will take after the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

    One day following the Boston Marathon bombings, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, sent out the following statement on behalf on the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Nutter is President of the group.The USCM is the official non-partisan organization of 1,296 cities with populations of 30,000 or more, according to its website. The primary role of the organization is to help develop better urban/suburban policies and to share best practices.

     “The thoughts and prayers of the nation’s mayors are with the victims of yesterday’s senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon, Mayor Tom Menino, and all of the people of Boston. Keeping our citizens and our cities safe is the first responsibility of every mayor.  Working with our police and other public safety officials we do whatever we can to stay ahead of the next insane thing someone or some group might do.  We do the best we can to plan for the known and the unknown and to respond when something does occur.  Boston’s response to the bombings was extraordinary and exemplary, with police and emergency personnel immediately on the scene, caring for those who were injured and beginning the investigation to determine who was responsible for this heinous crime and why it was committed.
    “The bombings happened on Patriot’s Day in Boston and in Massachusetts, the day which commemorates the start of the Revolutionary War, the beginning of America’s fight for freedom and independence.  Regardless of the motive behind the bombings, they are an assault on our freedom and on our nation.  
    “The U.S. Conference of Mayors stands with Mayor Menino, Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Governor Deval Patrick and all of those who will help the victims of this horrific tragedy and the people of Boston to heal.  Boston is a resilient city, and this is a resilient nation.  Together we will get through this and we will be stronger than ever.”