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NJ Moves 2012 Presidential Primary to June

State gives up on bid for early election influence



    NJ Moves 2012 Presidential Primary to June
    2012 NJ presidential primary election will be in June.

    New Jersey's presidential primary will no longer be a winter affair.

    New Jersey has moved its presidential primary back to June in 2012 after a failed attempt four years ago to raise the state's influence in presidential politics by switching the election to February.

    That's because 22 other states had the same idea and moved their elections to Feb. 5.

    But in 2012, Republicans and Democrats plan to penalize states that vote before March 1.

    Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno, who is taking over for Gov. Christie Monday while he is out of town politicking, signed the bill to move it back to June, when other local elections are held.

    She says moving the election up to Feb. 5 had cost the state $12 million.

    The bill had widespread support. It passed the Assembly 78-0 and the Senate by 39-0.