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NJ Gov. Gives Fiscal Policy Address

Christie touts his fiscal record & continues national media blitz



    NJ Gov. Gives Fiscal Policy Address
    Office of the Governor
    NJ Gov. Chris Christie delivered Brookings Institution speech on Monday touting his fiscal record and tax-cutting policies.(Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in the nation's capital Monday morning to talk about ``the New Jersey approach'' to getting things done in government.

    Christie told an audience at the Brookings Institution that government can work for its citizens if top executives like him are willing to do some heavy lifting.

    He pointed to partisan gridlock that's seized Washington by noting that he's worked with Democrats to cap property tax increases and revamp teacher tenure rules.

    Democrat Lou Greenwald, the Assembly majority leader, says Christie is auditioning for a speaking role at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

    The first-term Republican says leadership means not sugar-coating problems or being too concerned about winning re-election.

    Christie's speech today comes in the midst of a national media blitz the governor has embarked on since signing a state budget June 29.

    Christie highlighted his fiscal record, which includes working with a Democratic Legislature to achieve a 2 percent cap on yearly property tax growth and pension/health benefits givebacks.

    However, Christie has had to settle for delayed gratification on this year's key fiscal initiative. The governor sought a 10 percent income tax cut, but was rebuffed by Democrats who demanded property tax relief.

    Democrats also put the brakes on the income tax cut unless state revenue collections hit Christie's ambitious targets.