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NJ Delays TRU-ID Driver License Ruling

Judge extends delay for implementing new NJ driver’s license ID requirements



    NJ Delays TRU-ID Driver License Ruling
    A NJ judge's ruling on implementing new standards for New Jersey driver's licenses, known as TRU-ID, is delayed until at least Sept. 21. The program is being challenged by the ACLU and advocates for the homeless and immigrants.

    It will be at least September before a judge will decide whether New Jersey motorists will face tougher ID requirements for driver's licenses.

    The judge on Friday extended an order to delay implementing the program until at least Sept 21.

    In the meantime, the state and the American Civil Liberties Union can keep negotiating to try to reach a settlement.

    State officials said the new policy was in response to federal standards.

    The judge in May ordered the program halted on the day it was supposed to start after the ACLU filed suit over the requirements.

    The ACLU said the state improperly tried to impose the new standards, known as TRU-ID, without publishing details or gathering public comment. Among the changes would be a requirement to show two proofs of address instead of one, P.O. boxes would no longer be acceptable and all documents would have to current, for example no expired passports.

    Advocates for the homeless, immigrants and others say it's unfair.

    Congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005, but late last year extended the deadline until 2013 for all states to comply with the law. The ACLU reports that more than two dozen states have rejected the requirement. No Real ID laws have been approved in Pennsylvania or Delaware.

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