Mueller’s Team Traveled to Interview Ex-Spy Involved in Dossier

The Wall Street Journal reports Special Counsel Robert Mueller has put together a grand jury to look into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign. "The Russia story is a total fabrication. What the prosecutors should be looking at are Hillary Clinton's 33-thousand deleted emails," declared President Donald Trump.

(Published Friday, Aug. 4, 2017)

Members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team traveled to interview the former British intelligence officer who authored a dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, a source close to the ex-spy tells NBC News.

Few other details were forthcoming about the interview, but Mueller’s interest in Christopher Steele puts a new focus on the 35-page dossier he compiled, which includes salacious sexual allegations that then-president-elect Donald Trump denied.

CNN first reported Thursday that the interview with Mueller’s team and Steele took place.

Steele, who works in the private intelligence business in London, was hired by an American firm, Fusion GPS, to compile opposition research about Trump during the election campaign. The dossier laid out the fruits of his information-gathering. Fusion GPS was co-founded by a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Glenn Simpson.

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