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Hundreds Fined for Phoning & Driving

New ban on non-hands-free cell phones has made thousands in just a week



    Hundreds Fined for Phoning & Driving
    Tracy Deer
    Get off the phone or pay the price in Philly.

    One week down in the cell phone driving ban and about 500 drivers are a little lighter in the wallet.

    Philadelphia Police issued about 500 tickets in the first week of enforcing a ban on talking or texting on your cell phone while driving, said Lt. Frank Vanore.

    The law banning the use of non-hands-free cell phones while driving in Philly went into effect in May and was finally enforced starting Dec. 1.

    “We hope that it curves some of the driving accidents we see because of this,” said Vanore.

    Put Down the Phone: Police

    [PHI] Put Down the Phone: Police
    Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore explains why drivers shouldn't be on their cell phones and how many tickets were issued in the first week of the cell phone ban.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009)

    “A distracted driver is a dangerous driver,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said in a public service announcement.

    But, that distracted driver is also making some bank for the city.

    The cost of getting busted driving while texting or talking on your cell phone is 75 bucks. Our quick math means that in just one week the city made about $37,500 off of people on their cells.

    The best advice for anyone wanting to avoid a fine is to hang up or wait until you arrive at your destination to make that call or goes hands free.