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Follow Joe: The VP Joins Twitter

Vice President Joe Biden sent his first tweet this Independence Day



    Follow Joe: The VP Joins Twitter
    Composite Photo, Getty Images/Twitter
    Vice President Joe Biden has now joined the ranks of Twitter.

    Vice President Joe Biden is now tweeting.

    The Delaware-native sent his first Twitter message reminding Americans not to forget about the brave men and women serving in the military this Independence Day.

    The message, which was sent on behalf of Mr. Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, read:

    VP & Dr. B hope you take time to think about our troops & military families this Independence Day, Happy 4th from OVP! @JoiningForces


    Just like President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI, members of the veep's staff will manage the account.

    Biden's addition to the popular social networking site is part of the White House's growing focus on social media. The White House regularly communicates via Twitter, as does President Obama's re-election campaign.

    On Wednesday, the White House will be holding the first town hall via Twitter.

    Tweeps, the nickname for Twitter users, can send messages on the economy and jobs to Mr. Obama using the hashtag #AskObama. Obama will then answer those questions through a live webcast.

    Biden's Twitter handle is @VP.