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Short $767,000, Easton Offers Parking Scofflaws Half-Off Amnesty

Easton Offers Two Week Discount on Parking Tickets

The city of Easton is offering drivers with unpaid fines a chance to pay off their debt at half price. Over $700,000 in fines have been issued with no payment. (Published Friday, June 10, 2016)

An eastern Pennsylvania city is owed so much money in unpaid parking fines that its offering a half-off amnesty plan.

WFMZ-TV reports that the Easton City Council announced Wednesday that it will be mailing letters to people with unpaid traffic fines next week. The city hasn't been able to collect some $767,000 in fines.

The letters will tell the scofflaws that they can clear their record if they pay half the fines they owe within two weeks.

Mayor Sal Panto says the tickets have piled up ever since the city decriminalized the parking ticket system in 2013. That means the city stopped sending the tickets to the local district justice to take court action for unpaid tickets.