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Christie Heads to Camden



    Christie Heads to Camden
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

    The embattled leader of New Jersey is headed to one of the state’s poorest cities to talk education.

    Gov. Chris Christie is heading to Camden this afternoon to make an education announcement.

    His staff has not said what it is. But in his State of the State address last week, the governor promised to unveil a plan to lengthen the school day and school year.

    The governor is scheduled to be at the Dudley Family School at 3:15 p.m. Thursday.

    Christie has not said whether the changes would be mandatory or whether school districts would simply be given more flexibility to make changes to how much time students spend in the classroom.

    More hours of school are already features of many charter schools.

    Education experts say more time in school can help but only if the teaching and curriculum are effective.