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10 Questions: Author Julie Wenger



    10 Questions: Author Julie Wenger

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    Julie Wenger a Valley Forge native, a mother of four, a business woman and now an Amazon Best Selling author for the book "The Moonlight Path." 

    What prompted you to write “The Moonlit Path?”
    I know that young adult fiction is really popular and there’s been so much buzz about the Twilight series and that whole type of theme…and I started thinking of a story that would appeal to that audience.

    One of the things that I’ve noticed in young adult fiction is that the story lines are good and they keep you interested, but they don’t really have much of a message, I wanted a message.

    And what is that message? What’s the book about?
    It really is about our destinies and journey and how we all relate to each other and how it all ultimately impacts the people we become.   

    The story begins with a girl who’s out in the ocean with her sister and her sister is drowning and she goes out to rescue her and after she rescues her, she actually drowns. Rather than dying and going to heaven or hell, she goes into the ocean, into a sunken ship, where she meets five other people who have also died, but haven’t really moved on. From there, the main character helps the others on the ship resolve things in their lives before they can move on.  The book is basically about how everyone has a plan

    Why is it called “The Moonlight Path?”
    The main character is the only person that can come in and out of the ship. She leaves the ship and goes up on the beach and into the real world, but at night, when the moon’s out over the ocean, she returns to the ship. She’s forced to follow that path. 

    How would you classify this book?
    It’s romantic, but it’s also spiritual. All the fun things – like adventure, romance…It even gets scary at one point.

    How long did it take you to write this book?
    It actually took me about two years even though it’s not a very long book.  I actually got a little bit stuck halfway through. I knew what I wanted to say, just didn’t know how to get there. So I had to stop [writing] for about a month or two.  The chapter that I got stuck on actually ended up being my favorite one in the book.

    Now, you run a business as well as write, what’s your business?
    I’ve been working with people for years as a financial advisor.

    And you have four daughters, right? How do you balance writing, your business, being a mom?
    I believe that you’re not just one thing. I’m a financial advisor, a mother, a writer and so many other things and I enjoy them all. So I find the time. I use the early hours in the morning and the late hours at night, sometimes the weekends or on airplanes to write. But it’s very rewarding to find the time to use all your gifts.

    What are your other interests besides writing, parenting, etc.?
    I look at life as an apple and I keep taking bites of it. I do different things all the time and if I become interested in something new, I just try it.  I love the beach and right now, I’m training for a half-marathon that I’m doing down here next week. Love traveling and being outside.

    How does your family support you in your endeavors?

    Two of my daughters were the first people to read the book. They both said “Mom, I LOVE this book,” which was so nice since they’re at the age where nothing I do is right (laughs).

    What’s the one thing that you hope people say when they’re finished reading your book?

    I want it to be thought-provoking for them.  I want them to go back through the book and ask themselves, “Now what does that mean?” I want it to make them look into themselves.

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