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Boy, 5, Buys Lunch for South Jersey Police Officers

William Evertz, Jr. saved his allowance for seven months

A South Jersey boy with big dreams of becoming a police officer showed just how big his heart was Wednesday.

William Evertz, Jr., 5, saved his allowance for seven months in order to earn enough cash to buy a Power Wheels police cruiser. But instead of treating himself at the toy store, he decided to spend his hard-earned chore money to show his appreciation to local law enforcement.

William’s mother Tara Evertz told NBC10 her son has loved police officers since he was 2 years old. The future officer decided he wanted to have a “kindness day” to treat officers to a healthy lunch after watching a YouTube video about a homeless person.

“Next thing you know it was, ‘I want to help the kids and I want to help the police,’” said Evertz.

William also told his mother he wanted police officers to get rest so that they could protect the community.

Wearing a blue police shirt, William walked into a Subway store Wednesday and bought lunch for the Winslow Township Police Department. Along with his mother and grandmother, William took the food and balloons to the department's headquarters where they were greeted outside by a police car, the police chief and keys to the station.

Winslow Township Police made William an honorary officer and presented the first grader with his own badges and police car stickers.

William’s acts of kindness won't end at the police station. He also plans on donating clothes, school supplies and toys to a local domestic violence shelter, food and supplies to a local animal shelter and $25 to a less fortunate family to help them with daycare expenses. 

“It just shows the type of parents he has raising him,” said Winslow Township Police Chief George Smith. “Teaching him the right things in life that normal parents should do with their children.”

For his generosity William received a special ride home from a police car with the lights and sirens blaring.

“I am so proud of him,” Evertz said. “I think all of us as a family are very proud of him and he’s just inspiring.”

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