Will Ferrell Moving Into “Casa De Mi Padre”

One of the pitfalls of becoming wildly famous and rich is you can do more or less what you want. In Will Ferrell's case, this appears to be manifesting itself in his desire to produce and star in a Spanish-language comedy.

There are no plot details on "Casa de Mi Padre" ("House of My Father," for you morons out there), but word is that the film will have subtitles and is being developed at Gary Sanchez Productions. And the film will be directed by one of "Ferrell's Funny or Die cohorts," according to The Wrap, but not Adam McKay, who helmed the star's upcoming film, "The Other Guys."

The phrase "Funny or Die cohorts" is a bizarrely thin clue, as it could mean just about anyone from James Franco to Judd Apatow to Zach Galifianakis, Demetri Martin, Nick Swardson and Andrea Savage and Will Arnett.

This seems like a strange move on Ferrell's part -- assuming it's true. He's had a few lean years, with hits being few and far between. Maybe this is his "Apocalypto."

Ferrell's "The Other Guys" opens on Friday and then his voice can be heard in the title role for "Megamind" on Nov. 5.

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