We're Going to Get a “Modern Family” Kiss from Cam and Mitch After All

Retire the Facebook page and strike up the band. "Modern Family's" gay couple Cam and Mitch are going to get their prime time kiss after all.

For months, fans of the show have called for a kiss. Now the show's creators say the smooch was planned all along.

In fact, the show's creators are shooting what is being referred to as a "PDA" episode soon. Co-creator Steve Levitan told E news that this is not a new concept.

"We've had an episode planned for a long time that dealt with the subject (Cameron and Mitchell's PDA)," he said.

In fact, Levitan said he was annoyed that it might look like this was bending to the Facebook campaign which started when folks got the feeling that the gay couple was NOT allowed to kiss.

"It almost bothers us that there was a little bit of controversy about it," Levitan said. "Because we don't want to appear that we're answering that criticism."

The whole flap started in earnest when the extended television family jetted off to exotic Hawaii and, during one dramatic airport interlude, two sets of couples came back together in the airport. Hetero couple Claire and Phil embraced passionately, while Cam and Mitch gave a very weak hug.

A campaign started and a Facebook page calling for a proper kiss sprang up. More than 13,000 fans have supported it.

Now the kiss is coming. And like much things hyped up, this will probably be a bit of a let down. My suggestion: just open the show with Cam and Mitch making out and get the whole drama over with.

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