‘Weed World Candies' Truck Catches Fire on Delaware Memorial Bridge

The truck's owner said more than $50,000 in merchandise was lost in the fire

A vehicle carrying marijuana-laced candy caught fire on the Delaware Memorial Bridge Sunday, causing lane closures and a massive backup.

The Weed World Candies truck was traveling from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia when it caught fire on the northbound side of the bridge around 6 p.m. Two northbound lanes were closed, causing heavy traffic as firefighters responded.

Firefighters were eventually able to bring the flames under control and no injuries were reported, according to bridge authority officials.

Weed World Candies is an organization that launched in 1999 that uses tour vehicles to promote the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. The company also sells marijuana-laced candy.

"Dr. Dro," the owner of 'Weed World Candies,' told NBC10 in Philadelphia that more than $50,000 in merchandise was lost in the fire. The company is visiting colleges on the East Coast.

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