Watch Closely–New “Super 8” Promo Gives You a Peek at Mysterious Creature/Thing

Taking a stroll the other day through the official website for "Super 8," we came across some "found footage" from the early '60s that show a bunch folks in lab coats scrutinizing a bunch self-assembling super-Lego-like cubes. In the new promo for "Super 8" you actually get a brief glimpse at around the 51-s at these things in action. Check it out:

Now whether or not these cubes are the thing that tries to pound its way out of the train car we see in the original trailer, who knows? Maybe they're some super-secret weapon the U.S. Military developed to fight whatever is in that train car.

Regardless, if the Academy Awards gave a prize for best marketing campaign, "Super 8" would win it walking away. Beginning with the original "leak" of the trailer last summer, the quality and frequency of clips and stills to come out has been pitch-perfect.

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