Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Here are the coolest tech toys just in time for the holiday season.

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VIPER SMARTSTART: This gadget puts the "auto" in "automobile," allowing you to control your car's doors, trunk and alarm system with your iPhone. Leave your keys at home and drive away. Sweet. $299 and up,
ROBOVIE PC: Too lazy to get up and get a drink from the kitchen yourself? There's an invention for that. The Robovie-PC will gladly run and get the beverage of your choice. The personal 15-inch robot has built in cameras for eyes and is able to grab basic things. $4,500, VStone.
WIKIREADER: Why do you need a portable WikiReader? The answer to that and many other questions is in the gadget's storehouse of user-generated knowledge. Openmoko's device even works offline, so you can settle bar bets in places where your smartphone doesn't get a signal. $99,
VIVITAR DVR 150: This pint sized gadget caught our attention for three reasons: it has night vision, it's waterproof, and it fits in a pocket. How could you go wrong? Videos can be easily transferred to YouTube. $49.99, Target.
LENSBABY COMPOSER: For the super awesome photographer in your life comes Lensbaby... a camera attachment that lets you pinpoint a select focus area. Perfect for photog geeks. $270, Lensbaby.
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THE NOOK: Barnes & Noble's answer to the Kindle packs a powerful punch in a small, sleek package. Read all your favorite books on the digital device, listen to your music and even share your manuscripts with friends. $259,
Noon Solar Bag
NOON SOLAR BAGS: These fully biodegradable bags come equipped with portable solar panels built in to charge all your portable goods. They have everything from purses to backpacks to messenger bags. $300 to $500,
Aaxa Technologies
PICO P1 PORTABLE iPHONE PROJECTOR: This mini projector takes your portable device to the next level. The product is not much bigger than the video-storing gadget it connects to. Hook the Pico up and watch your videos on the nearest wall. $219, Aaxa Technologies.
SONOS S5: This speaker delivers without disconnecting your iPhone from the rest of the world. Control your iTunes playlist from your phone without ever docking it. $399,
THE MYRACER Q10: This may not be the most practical portable media player, but the '70s stereo styling makes it irresistible to anyone too cool for an iPod. The retro-looking 4GB portable device, due out this fall, has a 3-inch touchscreen. Price TBA, Lisse.
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MOTOROLA DROID: The Google-powered iPhone killer is set to send Apple back to the drawing board. The phone offers a touchscreen, a keyboard and apps galore. And best of all it's on Verizon and not AT&T. $199,
DENON USB TURNTABLE: Relive the memories of the '60s when love was free and music was vinyl. This USB turntable will easily hook up to a PC or a Mac and it will convert old records into MP3s with the click of a button. $149 to $700,
DELL ADAMON XPS LAPTOP: Knife or laptop? The Dell Adamo XPS laptop looks gorgeous and is thinner than Apple's vaunted MacBook Air. It's not due out until January, so you can fill their stockings with a gift card worth at least $1,500.
THE HP TOUCHSMART 600: Think Minority Report meets home computers. This machine points the way to a future where you tweet with a gesture or surf recipes in your kitchen with the flick of a finger. $1,049.99,
Bang & Olufsen
BEOTIME ALARM CLOCK: No one can bemoan waking up to Bang & Olufsen's incredibly sleek alarm clock. Need to snooze? Just give it a light tap. Want to look at the time? The motion sensors will orient the display no matter which way you hold it. Pretty cool. Call for pricing and availability, Bang & Olufsen: 212-879-6161.
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