Waiter, There's a Condom in My Soup

Restaurant says internal probe found no wrongdoing

A 50-year-old California man said he ordered French onion soup but instead of biting into melted cheese, he bit into a condom.

Zdenek Philip of Mission Viejo sued a local Claim Jumper restaurant Tuesday in Orange County Superior Court. The incident occurred during an Easter Brunch, according to the Los Angeles Times blog Brand X .

Hodousek is seeking unspecified damages.
Hodousek's attorney, Eric Traut, said his client wants restaurant employees' DNA tested to find a match to female DNA allegedly found on the condom. A public relations firm representing Claim Jumper said an internal probe revealed no employee wrongdoing.
The firm said Hodousek took the so-called "foreign object" found in his soup with him and that there is no proof it is the same item later submitted to a lab for testing.

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