VA Problems Go Far Beyond Phoenix: Gov. Reports

Internal government reports show that hospitals nationwide have suffered from significant delays in veteran care, including some that have resulted in patient deaths, NBC News reported. According to a study by the Government Accountability Office, approximately 2 million outpatient consults system-wide had not been acted on for more than 90 days in 2012, and by April 2014 nearly 500,000 of those were still "unresolved." Whistleblowers have accused some VA hospitals of creating secret patient "wait lists" to cover up delays. VA medical center employees have cited patient no-shows, cancelled appointments and increased demand for services as factors that lead to delays. Mounting Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, along with aging Vietnam era veterans, have led to a major influx of patients. On Friday, Arizona Sen. John McCain, who is a Vietnam veteran, told NBC News that the VA scandal is "unacceptable" and suggested jail for those responsible if the allegations are true.

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